AYF Central Councils assist the Central Executive in implementing the vision of the organization determined at the Annual Convention. Participation and workload of each council varies widely, but most councils will tend to meet approximately twice a month. Central Councils are open to AYF members, novices, and individuals who are not members of the AYF.


Create a comprehensive Alumni database, maintain AYF-Alumni relations, and coordinate AYF-Alumni events.

AYF Internship in Artsakh:

Create, manage, and oversee an AYF Internship in Artsakh.


Creating educational curriculum to guide the intellectual and professional development of our membership, and organizing AYF retreat, centralized educationals, and forums.


Managing the Hayotug, the official publication of the AYF, in the realms of writing, graphic design, video, web, and any propaganda necessary for the AYF.

Hye Tad:

All work relevant to the Armenian Cause (i.e. Hye Tad Fair for High School Students, November 2016 elections, Divest Turkey, and more).


Organizing all protests, political street theater, and civil disobediences related to the struggle of the Armenian Cause.

Public Relations/Marketing:

Creating original multimedia content, strategizing a PR plan for the AYF, maintaining a website for the organization and relationships with local, national, and international media as needed for the AYF’s activities.


Spreading awareness about AYF’s mission in the community, and coordinating and consulting chapters on local outreach campaigns, recruitment, brand management, etc.


Organizing fundraisers for the AYF’s campaigns and operations, as well as promoting a socially positive and inclusive emotional environment for the organization.

United Human Rights Council (UHRC):

Addressing human rights issues in the realms of: coalition building with other communities and organizations, gender and sexuality, environmentalism, outreach (call for research papers, etc.), and human rights abuses specifically in Turkey and Azerbaijan.

With Our Soldiers:

Supporting families of our fallen soldiers in Armenia and Artsakh, as well as supporting and humanizing soldiers and families of soldiers who serve in the homeland.

Youth Corps:

Organizing, training, and implementing logistics for AYF’s premier nation building program in the homeland with camps across Armenia and Artsakh serving a thousand of Armenian youth.

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