AYF Fund

Welcome to the AYF Fund!

We’re excited for you to be a part of our collective movement.

For more than 87 years, the Armenian Youth Federation has served on the front lines of the fight for the Armenian Cause and a prosperous homeland. Today, building upon this proud legacy, we advocate for justice for the Armenian Genocide, peace and security for the autonomous nation of Artsakh and its people, and stronger relations between the Diaspora and our homeland—all while working within and helping actualize the strength and potential of our local communities.

Through programs like AYF Youth Corps, that operate dozens of summer camps for youth in Armenia, With Our Soldiers, which contributes monetary aid and supplies to the families of fallen heroes and hundreds of Armenian soldiers, the AYF plays a role in shaping the future of our homeland. The AYF has also begun to pioneer new movements in the Armenian Cause through campaigns such as Divest Turkey, which aims to strip Turkish corporations of hundreds of millions of dollars in investments. To turn these ideas into reality, all current AYF members contribute the needed resources by paying dues of $60 dollars annually.

With the AYF Fund, we are aiming to expand our network of resources to all in our organizational family, giving former members — who more than anyone understands the importance of the AYF — an opportunity to become stakeholders in the process of our activism.

With your financial support through the AYF Fund, we can more effectively advance our collective vision, goals, and values – countering the enemies of the Armenian nation and cooperating with one another toward a brighter Armenian future for generations to come.

All signees will receive free Haytoug subscriptions, newsletters, and AYF gear throughout the year!

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