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Who can apply?
AYF Youth Corps is open to all youth, who will be 18 or older at the start of the program, and who are motivated and enthusiastic about helping Armenia.

How long is the trip?
The AYF Youth Corps program runs for 6 weeks, usually starting early July and ending mid August.

Where will I be staying?
During the touring portion of the trip, participants stay in Yerevan. During the volunteer portion of the trip, participants stay in a house with shared facilities.

How much does the program cost?
The cost of participation varies year to year, with an average cost ranging from $1,500-$2,500. This includes round-trip airfare, food and other personal costs. Please keep in mind these are approximate costs, and your individual costs will vary based on your spending habits.

I’m not in AYF, can I still apply to the program?
Absolutely! The program is open to all youth over the age of 18.

I can’t afford the cost of the trip, but am still interested in participating in the program. Should I still apply?
Yes! The cost of the program should not deter you in any way. There are a number of opportunities to help you with the costs of the program, such as fundraising and possible fellowships. We are also a partner with Birthright Armenia, which subsidizes airfare expenses for its participants. For more details, visit Birthright Armenia Birthright Armenia.

Who is in charge during the program?
There is always at least one individual assigned to each group as the group leader who is responsible for the program while in Armenia. The group leader will be the main organizer and point of contact during the program. He/she will guide the group to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time.

I don’t speak any/very little Armenian. Will that be a problem in volunteering?
That shouldn’t be a problem. The other participants, as well as the group leader, will be able to help you communicate. It’s actually a great opportunity to strengthen your Armenian language skills!

I’ve already been to Armenia, can I just join the volunteer portion of the trip?
Participants should be involved during the entire duration of the program. We have found that this maintains the cohesiveness of the group and adds to the overall experience, but please discuss any particular concerns or circumstances with us, at the contact information below.

For questions or more information, contact the AYF Office at (818) 507-1933 or youthcorps@AYFwest.org.

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