Youth Corps Blog: "Home"

In Proshyan not only did I meet new influential young ungers and ungerouhies, but I also connected with my new family- Harut, Mel, Koko, Kile, Talia, Taline, Ani, Paulina, and our group leader, Melo. Soon Paulina became my mom, and who knew Koko could make such amazing breakfasts.

Youth Corps Blog: “Anoush Hayrenik”

There are no words to accurately describe the feeling I felt when we landed at Zvartnots airport. As I looked outside the planes window, I didn’t see beautiful city lights or glorious monuments as I had imagined. An older Armenian lady sitting next to me leaned over and said, “Shat seeroom hox chi, biac mer hoxna” (It’s not that pretty, but it’s ours).

Youth Corps Blog: Where Do I Begin

Ever since I began learning more in-depth about Armenia, I have dreamt consistently about finally visiting my homeland.  As an AYF member, for several years I have heard of a beautiful program called the AYF Youth Corps, that connects us (the diaspora) with Armenia and benefits thousands of kids in Armenia.
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