Free Berivan!

By AYFWest · Mar 19, 2010

Join the United Human Rights Council (UHRC) and a coalition of Armenian and Kurdish youth organizations on March 24 for a demonstration in front of the Turkish Consulate (6300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, 90048), calling for the release of 15-year-old Berivan Sayaca from Turkish prison.

Berivan was falsely arrested on October 9 in Turkey and jailed for 8 years.

Her alleged crime: throwing stones and shouting slogans in a pro-Kurdish protest.

In reality, Berivan was on her way to visit her aunt when Turkish police snatched her up near the demonstration and accused her of “terrorist” offenses. Berivan was beaten and forced to confess to “crimes” she did not commit.

Today, Berivan languishes in prison with 2,622 other minors currently serving sentences in Turkish jails.

The majority of these children are Kurds who, as second-class citizens in Turkey, will likely be subject to abuse and mistreatment so common in the Turkish prison system.

“Why did they use force against me? My legs are still covered with bruises. They put this cream on my legs to cover the bruises so no one can see them. They hit me a lot when they first took me in. I don’t know why they treated me like this. I’m only 15…. I never deserved this place.”   -Berivan

Demand an end to Turkish human rights abuses!

Demand freedom for Berivan and all Kurdish children in Turkish jails!

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