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Forget me not pin

March For Justice "Forget Me Not" Pin

The Armenian Youth Federation has released the "Forget Me Not" flower pins for sale. The "Forget Me Not" flower is symbolic in many ways. The five petals represent the five continents where survivors of the Armenian Genocide found a new home. The dark purple color is meant to recall the priestly vestments of the Armenian Church—which has been, is,

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Mamig Babig WithOurSoldiers T-Shirt

The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) released the “Mamig Babig With Our Soldiers” t-shirt dedicated to raise funds that will be sent to support the families of the Artsakh soldiers fallen due to repeated Azeri attacks. The front of the shirt reads "ARTSAKH STRONG" and features the illustration drawn by Arpi Krikorian in support of the amazing soldiers

Price: from $15.00
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